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Advertising posts on our blog offer a unique opportunity to incorporate industry-related keywords and phrases, helping you reach your target audience and increasing your page's relevance in Google searches.

Why Choose Our Blog Advertising?

  • Keyword Optimization: Incorporate relevant keywords and phrases to ensure your content is seen by the right audience.

  • Unique Graphics: Enhance the attractiveness and interest of your posts with custom graphics prepared for each company.

  • Engaging Video Ads: Leverage the power of video advertising posts, which are the most popularly viewed ads, to capture attention.

  • Effective Backlinks: Carefully prepared profile pages not only provide essential information but also include backlinks to redirect traffic to your company's website, enhancing your online presence.

Our main goal is to captivate and interest potential customers, driving traffic and conversions for your business.


In the event of terminating cooperation with BusinessID UK, advertisements and promotional entries on the blog will be permanently deleted unless the cooperation lasted longer than six months. In that case, ads and blog entries will remain online if the client so wishes.

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