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L.Y. Beauty

Updated: May 29

L.Y. Beauty

Elevate Your Beauty Experience at L.Y. Beauty Salon in Kensington

Discover the ultimate beauty oasis at L.Y. Beauty Salon, located in the prestigious neighborhood of South Kensington, London. Renowned for its luxurious treatments and expert service, L.Y. Beauty Salon offers a full spectrum of beauty and wellness treatments that cater to every need, ensuring each client leaves feeling beautiful and rejuvenated.


A Wide Range of High-Quality Services

LY Beauty Salon specializes in a variety of beauty treatments including:

  • Hair Styling and Care: From classic blowouts and sophisticated coloring to advanced treatments such as keratin and Olaplex treatments, our salon is equipped to transform your hair into its most vibrant and healthy version​ (LY Beauty)​​ (LY Beauty)​.

  • Nail Services: Experience our top-rated Russian manicure and pedicure for immaculate, durable nails. We focus on nail health and aesthetic to give you a standout finish​ (LY Beauty)​.

  • Facial and Skincare Treatments: Indulge in our facial services like deep cleaning facials, microdermabrasion, and buccal massage to enhance your skin's natural glow and youthfulness​ (LY Beauty)​.

  • Waxing and Hair Removal: Get smooth, flawless skin with our comprehensive waxing services, tailored to suit various skin types and preferences​ (LY Beauty)​.

L.Y. Beauty
L.Y. Beauty

Accessible and Convenient Location

LY Beauty Salon is easily accessible, located at: 116 Gloucester Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 4SD, England. This prime location is convenient for both locals and visitors looking for premium beauty services in the heart of London​ (LY Beauty)​.

Book Your Appointment

Scheduling your visit is easy and flexible with options to book online or over the phone. We understand your busy schedule and offer both pre-booked appointments and walk-in services to accommodate your needs at any time​ (LY Beauty)​​ (LY Beauty)​.



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