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Ignite Driving School

Whether you need to start your driving lessons from the beginning, need some practice in a new type of vehicle, or just need a bit of confidence before you take your driving test, give Ignite a call. We’re one of the finest driving tuition centres in East London and Essex to get you behind the wheel with appropriate skills and confidence. Open 7 days a week including evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

Thousands of students have come to us over the past 15 years, showing that Ignite Driving School has the experience and understanding to make you best equipped with driving for life. We have what it takes to get anyone on the road!

We provide lessons throughout East London and Essex, and you know what they say: if you learn to drive in busy London, you can drive anywhere in the world, and our fully accredited instructors have what it takes to get you on the road fast.

All of our driving instructors are expert drivers with many years of driving experience, well above the standard of most other driving schools in London.

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