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Amdi Driving School

Amdi Driving School is a well-established driving school, based in Hackney, East London. We have over a decade of experience in the driving industry including a network of driving institutions all over London.

We are specialists in driver training, driving lessons training, and preparation of various courses. Our team of driving experts and trainers will help you at every moment, to achieve success in developing expertise in the driving line.

Our excellent driving lessons start from £38.00 and we have a vast experience of teaching various courses at affordable prices

We are a very affordable driving school and offer IntensivePass PlusRefresher Courses, Motorway Driving Lessons and so much more, to make driving simple and easy we make our Customers feel like Family to all Learners. Our intensive driving course gives you knowledge of driving technology because we have an exceptional reputation for teaching ethics and high techniques so that you pass your test the first time. As a result, we have a very high first-time

pass rate.

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